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Principal’s Welcome

He Mihi Nui Kia Koutou Haere Mai Haere MaiNau Mai Haere Mai A warm welcome to St Joseph’s which is an integrated Catholic Primary School catering for children from new entrants to year eight. We are proud of our history and heritage and value the strong bond that continues with our founding order, the Sisters of the Mission. The Special Character of our school is expressed through the students, the teachers and the wider school community, living and teaching the Gospel Values. At St Joseph’s our committed and dedicated staff set high expectations for all children and we aim to work in partnership with you. Nga Mihi Grant Stuart Principal

Our Values

St Joseph’s School provides a holistic education in an environment that reflects the values of the Roman Catholic Church.


Love of God, Self and Others


Respect and Tolerance


Honesty and Integrity


Community and Team Work


Perseverance and Innovation


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Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

Latest ERO Report

Financial Report

Latest Notifications

Year 0-3 Swimming Lessons start tomorrow. REMEMBER TO BRING TOGS, TOWEL & GOGGLES in a swimming bag. Notice home from 19 Nov attached:

Tue Nov 30 04:40pm


Year 0-6 Swimming Lessons 2021

Year 4-6 remember your swimming gear tomorrow and Tuesday. 2 more lessons!

Sun Nov 28 06:37pm

Chickenpox- We have been advised by a parent that their child has confirmed chickenpox. Please be aware of this if your child feels unwell.

Fri Nov 26 10:38am

Year 4-6 Swimming Lessons start tomorrow. REMEMBER TO BRING TOGS, TOWEL & GOGGLES in a swimming bag and shoes to walk in.

Sun Nov 21 06:31pm

Swimming Lessons for Year 0-6 – information attached.

Fri Nov 19 03:12pm


Swimming Lessons Year 0-6 2021

School Lunches

Fri Nov 19 10:40am

School lunches are back!
Parents will be able to order Sushi and Subway starting on Monday next week.
Log in via Kindo to see the range of options!


Kia Ora Koutou Here is the latest newsletter:

Thu Nov 18 02:35pm


Term 4 Week 5

Information about return to school for all students under Alert Level 2 tomorrow Wednesday 17 November.

Tue Nov 16 10:44am

All students are welcome back tomorrow – the previous communications about part-time schooling no longer apply.



Return to school Alert Level 2 Wednesday 17 November

Moving to Level 2

Mon Nov 15 06:08pm

Kia Ora Koutou

With the 4pm announcement that Waikato is moving to Alert Level 2 from 11:59pm Tuesday 16th November we are awaiting advice from the Ministry of Education outlining guidelines for a return to school. As soon as we hear, and have made a plan, we will let you know.

Students registered to attend a bubble can still attend tomorrow as planned.

Nga mihi
Grant Stuart


For students returning on Wed/Thurs: PE Uniform option, return of devices and BYOD.

Mon Nov 15 11:33am

Dear Parents,

Today the teachers met to discuss some more of the details around students returning this week. These decisions have been made:

– Children will not be changing between their school uniform and PE uniform at school, because this would mean congestion in our toilet blocks. For this reason, children can wear their PE uniform to school all day if they prefer. They will stay in either school uniform or PE uniform all day.

– Many of our devices at school have been loaned out for Distance Learning. We now these returned to school for children onsite to use please. We also encourage students in Year 4-8 to BYOD (bring their own devices) from home to use under Alert Level 3. 

We look forward to seeing students at school on Wednesday OR Thursday

 A-L surnames on Wednesday
M-Z surnames on Thursday

Thank you.

School Reopening – Wednesday 17 November

Fri Nov 12 10:40am

School Reopening – Wednesday 17 November

Kia Ora Koutou

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. It has been a busy 48 hours with a number of key decisions being made as we look to reopen the school at Level 3.2. All decisions have been made in the best interest of keeping our students and staff safe.

Below is the link to the plan to reopen the School part time on Wednesday 17 November. Please take time to read it and explain to your tamariki that school will be very different to school at Level 2.

School Reopening Plan

Information about schools beginning to open from Wed 17 November.

Wed Nov 10 04:04pm

Kia Ora Whānau,

You will have heard today during Minister Hipkin’s briefing, that primary schools in Waikato and Auckland will begin the process of welcoming students back to school on Wednesday 17th November. Our teaching team is excited to be back on site for learning together, but it will be in a very different form.

Schools are guided by the public health guidelines that accompany such announcements.  At this early stage, we do not have those guidelines that will inform the organisation of this return to school and are awaiting this from the Ministries of Health and Education.

What is clear, is that we will not have the capacity to welcome our entire school on-site on the same day.  For this reason, we are looking at rotating which families are on-site at school each day. Once we know more about the public health guidelines that dictate how this should look, we will be able to organise groups of students to return to school. We will get this information to you as soon as it is possible.

What we already know is:

– masks will need to be worn all day by children in Years 4-8.

– children from different classes will not be able to mix with each other, so they will have separate break times and separate areas to play in.

For now, we cannot accept any more students at onsite at bubble school, as these numbers also heavily impact our ability to open for our whole school next week.

We know that some families will be excited about returning to school, and others will be anxious. We can assure you that we will continue to do our best to implement the guidelines, once we have clarity about them.

If you will be making the decision not to send your child back to school next week, could you please let us know to assist our planning. Email

We know you will have lots of questions, but please give us time to plan once we have the full information from the Ministries. Thank you for your understanding.

Events Update: Kia Ora Koutou With the current situation with Alert Level restrictions and Covid cases continuing to rise in the community..

Thu Oct 28 04:28pm

Kia Ora Koutou

With the current situation with Alert Level restrictions and Covid cases continuing to rise in the community we now have to make some of the hard decisions around some of the Term 4 events. With some much uncertainty around when the students will be back onsite it is impossible to make every event happen. 

Where possible the school will try to modify events to ensure students still have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities. Other events that can not be modified to fit within Alert Level restrictions will just have to be cancelled. 

Unfortunately, the Year 4-8 Athletics that is to take place next Tuesday 2 November at Porritt Stadium is now cancelled. When we do return safely onto the school site the teachers will be able to facilitate the different field events that the students would normally do on Athletics Day during the school day. 

Another major event that will be postponed is the Year 7&8 production (with the Year 5&6 choir), the new date will be early in 2022. With the current restrictions in place the students can not rehearse. This is especially disappointing for our Year 8 students who have worked so hard on the production. Tomorrow the office team will start working on refunding the cost of tickets. 

We anticipate that most of the inter school events will be cancelled for the term. Our Year 0-3 team gymnastic lessons at Hamilton City Gym have also been postponed until 2022. 

A separate email will be sent to parents of our Year 8 students about end of year events for our Year 8’s. This plan outlines the commitment that we have as a school to ensure we farewell them in a memorable way. 

We know that at the moment times are tough and with some much uncertainty around makes it hard. I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation as we try to navigate the next seven weeks until the Christmas break. Below is a link to an article in the Herald this morning around How to survive another term of homeschooling during lockdown. 

Lastly, I would like to thank our staff. They have and continue to do an amazing job in providing online support for our learners at home and for our students that are onsite in bubbles. Thank you!   

Ngā Mihi

Grant Stuart 



Herald link:

Teacher Only Day – Tuesday 26 October

Thu Oct 21 11:34am

Kia Ora Koutou

The school has a Teacher Only Day planned for Tuesday 26 October. We have made the decision that this Teacher Only Day will go ahead as planned, regardless of the Alert Level. This day is part of the Accord days given to schools by the Government and is part of our Collective Agreement.

What this day looks like:
If we are in Alert Level 3 – Teachers will spend the day offline but students will still have a set of activities to work through. There will be no Zoom meetings scheduled.

If we are in Alert Level 2 – School will be closed for students. The Ministry of Education has stated schools will be given 24 hours to prepare for students coming back onsite, so students will return on Wednesday.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, we are forced to make a decision before knowing which Alert Level restrictions we will be in.

Ngā Mihi
Grant Stuart

Covid Update : Kia Ora Koutou Thank you for your prompt responses to the Alert Level 3 attendance survey. This information is very helpful

Fri Oct 15 04:55pm

Kia Ora Koutou

Thank you for your prompt responses to the Alert Level 3 attendance survey. This information is very helpful and has allowed us to plan for Monday. We are once again very thankful that the majority of our community can keep their children home, we know how difficult this situation can be.

The Ministry of Education has informed us that if there is a change in Alert Level there will be a 24 to 48 hour period for schools to prepare for all students to return to school.

If your current situation changes during Alert Level 3 and you need your children to attend school please email:

Please note any increase to student numbers attending during Alert Level 3 will mean that more staff will have to come onsite. Staff must produce a negative Covid Test to come onsite to work with the students. This process takes at least 24 hours to complete.

Once again thank you for your ongoing support as we deal with the new reality of the Delta variant.

Nga Mihi
Grant Stuart


Urgent – REMEMBER TO FILL IN THIS ALERT LEVEL 3 ATTENDANCE SURVEY if you have not already done so. All families to respond by 9am Fri please

Thu Oct 14 07:06pm

Urgent – St Joseph’s Fairfield Alert Level 3 Attendance Survey for Monday 18 October 2021 – complete by FRIDAY 9AM

Covid is currently in the community around our school location, with locations of interest in close proximity to our school on Heaphy Terrace (Four Square and Vege King). For this reason, we urge you to keep your children at home under Alert Level 3 if you possibly can. Further locations of interest are likely to be released linked to today’s community cases; please make sure you are checking these locations regularly. Remember that under Alert Level 3, you are allowed to extend your bubble for childcare and should only send your child to school if there is no adult available to look after them in your home or extended bubble.

We are dealing with such a tight timeframe as staff need to be Covid Tested prior to coming on site as part of the MOE protocols . This is a new directive and one that we must adhere to. Therefore, we will only be able to accept students whose parents have replied to this survey by 9am on Friday 15th October.

Teachers will provide some activities for Monday. Should we remain in Level 3 after Monday, our Home Learning programme will start again. Teachers will communicate via Hero. Schools will effectively continue to be closed for face-to-face learning during Level 3, other than for the children of parents who need to go to work and have no alternative care options available.

Please note that school will operate differently during Alert Level 3. eg multi-level bubbles of 10, not with usual teachers or friends etc, not allowed to play or share equipment, siblings kept together.

The Government guidance about Alert Level 3 restrictions is:
– children should learn at home
– schools will be open for students who NEED to be there because they cannot be looked after at home

PLEASE COMPLETE FRIDAY 9AM so that St Joseph’s staff can find out how many students need to attend while the Waikato is in Alert Level 3, on Monday 18 October 2021.

Alert Level 3 Survey

Tomorrow is Catholic Schools Day! We will be celebrating with a mufti day and tabloid sports! Click to read more:

Tue Sep 28 12:07pm

Tomorrow is Catholic Schools Day!
St Joseph’s will be celebrating with:
– A mufti day! Bring a gold coin which we will donate to the Auckland St Vincent de Paul to help with their covid-response for families in need.
– A special liturgy in the morning in our Houses. Some of our students will be celebrating a special Mass with Bishop Steve at his private chapel – you can watch at 9.30am tomorrow:
– Having some fun together! Our Sports and Activities Councillors have organised Tabloid Sports which will happen before lunchtime. Children can bring PE gear or a house coloured T-shirt and some shorts to wear for the activities
We will post photos tomorrow so you can share in our celebrations of this special day!


Runathon money is due tomorrow please! Payments by Kindo, PTFA bank account or cash. Spot prizes draw this week! Thanks for your support!

Sun Sep 26 05:12pm

Remember tomorrow is a mufti day – Wednesday 22 September. Bring something from your pantry to donate to the food bank.

Tue Sep 21 03:06pm

If your child is sick, keep them at home!

Tue Sep 21 11:55am

If your child is sick, keep them at home!
With the risk of COVID-19, we must be more vigilant when it comes to controlling the spread of illness. Any runny nose, sore throat, or fever needs to be referred to your doctor for testing. The likelihood of your child contracting COVID-19 is small but we must all work together to keep it that way. If your child is sick, notify the school, keep them at home, and contact your health professional.

Week 8 Newsletter

Wed Sep 15 03:20pm

Kia Ora Koutou
Here is the latest newsletter.

Photolife Group Photos

Mon Sep 13 12:49pm

Due to Auckland still being in Level 4, Photolife Studios are unable to post out the keycodes needed to order the St Joseph’s group photos that were taken in July.

If you would like to order any of the photos taken, please email the school office and we can email your keycode to you.

The photos that were taken on this day are listed below:

Yr 7&8 Choir
Enviro Students
House Leaders
News Team
Playground Angels
Senior Kapa Haka
Sports & Activities Council
Student Council
Yr 8 Leavers
Young Vinnies

PTFA Runathon Fundraiser – updated information – you can still support this fundraiser! Thank you!

Thu Sep 09 02:54pm


Runathon – updated information after lockdown

School is back tomorrow. Remember to email the class teacher for optional staggered end of day to ease congestion….click to read more…

Wed Sep 08 07:34pm

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school tomorrow! It will be so good to have our school buzzing again!

Remember that under Alert Level 2 we have an optional staggered end of day to ease congestion and allow social distancing at our busy exit points. If you would like your child to be released from class at 2.25pm ready for 2.30pm pick up, please email the classroom teacher.

See you (from a distance!) tomorrow!

Information about Level 2 – School is open on Thursday.

Tue Sep 07 06:12pm

Kia Ora Koutou

Here is the link for all you need to know about school restarting on Thursday. Please note that we are in Week 7 and there is three more weeks after this one until the holidays (holidays start Friday 1st October).

Nga Mihi 

Grant Stuart 


Alert Level 2

Moving to Level 2 – School open on Thursday

Mon Sep 06 06:26pm

As all of New Zealand (except Auckland) moves to Level 2 from 11.59 pm tomorrow, Tuesday 7 September,  we look forward to welcoming back our students and staff to school on Thursday 9 September.

We now await an update from the Ministry of Education outlining the rules relating to schools at Delta Alert Level 2. 

Please check your emails tomorrow for detailed information regarding returning to school on Thursday.

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