Core Values

The fruits of the spirit are gifted to us.
These are the foundation from which our core values and beliefs stem from.
St Paul tells of these in his letter to the Galatians 5:22-25

Love    Joy    Patience    Peace    Kindness    Generosity    Faithfulness    Gentleness    Self-Control

Love of God, self and others – AROHA

Spirituality, loyalty, faithfulness, love, diversity and equity

The fruits of Love

Respect and Tolerance – KAHA

Valuing friendship, celebrating diversity and individual difference

The fruits of Love and Peace

Perseverance and Innovation – MAHI

Developing a work ethic, stick ability

The fruits of Self-Control and Faithfulness

Honesty and Integrity – PONO TIKA

Being truthful and having the courage

The fruits of Faithfulness

Community and Team Work – MANAAKITANGA

Celebrating other’s successes, sharing their challenges, being thoughtful, sharing and caring

The fruits of Generosity, Gentleness, Kindness and Patience

Being Responsible and Caring for the Environment

Taking responsibility for my own actions

The fruits of Self-Control and Kindness

Reflecting Quality

Doing one’s best, in pursuit of excellence

The fruits of Self-Control

Being Positive

Bringing a positive attitude, having a go, taking risks, having fun and enjoyment, an “A” for attitude

The fruits of Joy and Generosity