Our Focus

Here at St. Joseph’s school, we understand the importance of Maths in everday life, school learning and for the pure pleasure of figuring out a difficult task or problem. We also understand that Maths can be a difficult subject as well. We strive to ensure our Maths program is accesible to parents and students in order for our kids to be successful in their studies. 

NZ Math Curriculum

Our Maths program at St. Joseph’s directly aligns with NZ Math curriculum and learning area structure:

     “The achievement objectives are presented in three strands. It is important that students can see and make sense of the many connections within and across these strands.

Number and algebra – Number involves calculating and estimating, using appropriate mental, written, or machine calculation methods in flexible ways. It also involves knowing when it is appropriate to use estimation and being able to discern whether results are reasonable. Algebra involves generalising and representing the patterns and relationships found in numbers, shapes, and measures.

Geometry and measurement – Geometry involves recognising and using the properties and symmetries of shapes and describing position and movement. Measurement involves quantifying the attributes of objects, using appropriate units and instruments. It also involves predicting and calculating rates of change.

Statistics involves identifying problems that can be explored by the use of appropriate data, designing investigations, collecting data, exploring and using patterns and relationships in data, solving problems, and communicating findings. Statistics also involves interpreting statistical information, evaluating data-based arguments, and dealing with uncertainty and variation.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                            – New Zealand Curriculum Online

Not sure what your child should be learning in Maths? The following links provide curriculum information from the Ministry of Education which outlines the achievement outcomes for students at each level.


Resources for Students

Resources that students can use at home can be found Here

Resources for Parents

Want to further help your child with their Maths work but not sure where to start? Want to help engage them a bit more while at home or during term breaks?  Getting your child excited about Maths at home can help them further develop mathematic cognitive functioning and development, critical problem solving skills and improve focus during in-class learning. 

The following is a collection of online resources or ideas to help with at-home Maths learning and support. 


Student Task Sheets (by year level)