Catholic Character

The mission of Catholic education is to educate students within an atmosphere of Christ’s love.  The school encourages growth in faith and prepares young people for their life as Catholic Christians in the community.

The school’s Charter and Strategic Plan identifies the Special Character elements, which underpin the academic, social, cultural and spiritual life of the school. The Annual Plan includes specific Special Character Goals which show how our Special Character will be preserved and developed. All Board policies contain Special Character Statements.

As a Catholic School St Joseph’s develops the whole person in Jesus Christ and encourages each student to a deepening relationship with him.

The staff work at reinforcing all the beliefs, practices and values that have already been taught in the home. The example of teachers and parents will nourish the growth of a deeper love of God within each pupil and will provide an environment which will sustain the full development – spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional – of the personality of each child.

Whilst giving Religious Education full priority of time, we do not believe that Christian Living is just obedience to regulations, but a way of life, in which the life of Jesus is used as our model. Each class has a number of Religious Education lessons each week and many opportunities are taken for incidental teaching. A Religious Education curriculum has been written and has been fully implemented at all class levels. The programme consists of 5 Strands; Prayer, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Sacrament, and Church. Every 6 weeks the teachers have a Religious Education staff meeting which begins with a Liturgy, followed by a discussion on the theme to be taught during the following period.

School Masses are held throughout the year and children also attend weekly parish masses on a rotational basis. Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s Parish is held at 9.30 am. The school hosts two parishes Sunday Masses per year, to which all families are expected to attend.